S&P 500 Stocks - Short Term Technical Stats And Intermediate Term Conditions - January 5, 2012
-6to-10 -1to-6 Curr 50 Day       WklyMACD POSITION VALUE/RATING TREND VALUE/RATING   BREAKOUT / CROSSOVER   Short Term Short Term   5 Day
Day Day Day Avg Components Current Thru 10/03/05 50D  EMA P-to-A P-to-A MACD S   OBV   Rise Rise MACD   Mny     6           OBV     Technical Rating Technical RS   Avg
Pwr Pwr Pwr Daily $$ 200D EMA 50 20 to t Mny to R 50 20 Line   Flo 4 day     50 20 MACD Stoc Mflo cross RSI   ST ST ST ST ST ST   Daily
Vol Vol Vol Volume 200D SMA Day Day Signal o Flo 90d S Day Day Rise Stoc Osc OBV RSI   Day Day Cross >20 >0 90d >30 ST Position Trend Break Position Trend Break IT Vola-
Rank Rank Rank $1,000s Sym Name Sector Condition SMA SMA Rating c Osc Avg I SMA SMA Rating Rise Rise Rise Rise Sym SMA SMA Over <80 <0 AVG <70 Rate Rating Rating Rating RS RS RS Rate tility